Ozan Diren / DİMES - CEO

Social development is a very rational area of investment that all businesses should consider. A skilled and experienced community supports economic development. Making good use of the young professional workforce in our country is very important, especially when they are fresh out of university. The First Chance Program offers a solution to the educated youth unemployment problem, which is above 30 percent in Turkey. For young graduates to find a job at an early stage in their careers, to gain professional experience, to receive mentoring and other training programs all lend to a very valuable step toward developing their qualifications. With these features, the program gives young people a “first chance” and also brings many opportunities for the country’s economic and social development. So, I believe that the First Chance Program will add value to Turkey's social and economic development. Supporting, scaling and spreading the First Chance Program will benefit the society. This is why we are proud to be a supporter that contributes to the development of the program.