Mutlu Uğursal / Agito - CEO

With the increase in the number of universities in Turkey in recent years, we see that the rate of unemployment among new graduates is also rising. We must generate projects that will deliver results to rectify this situation. This is exactly what the First Chance Program does by supporting and creating equal opportunities for young people from ‘second-tier’ universities as they start their careers. The First Chance Program makes it possible for young people to be considered based on their potential and hired on equal footing rather than the conventional process where their school, department and grade point average are prioritized. Turkey needs programs like these to increase employment through access to qualified workforce, which in turn improves quality production. At Agito, we value the young generations’ contribution to the national economy and make investments to create equal opportunity for young people. We are very pleased to be a corporate supporter of the First Chance Program in 2020.