Mahmut Levent Ünlü / ÜNLÜ & Co - Chairman

Not everyone shares the same conditions at the starting point of their careers. However, determined and hardworking young people can create their own opportunities. There are some youth from Anatolian cities and towns who have been very successful. The First Chance Program participants are testament to this. First Chance is a unique program that operates with a win-win philosophy for young people, civil society organizations and, consequently, the community. In addition to supporting successful young people with equal opportunities and helping them unlock their potential, this multidimensional and inclusive program also contributes to the leading civil society organizations in Turkey. I believe that getting more organizations to support and spread the program will also drive positive results for the future of our country. At ÜNLÜ & Co, we have long supported young people via different platforms, and we keep personally witnessing what successful young people can do with some encouragement. First Chance is a program that delivers concrete results and we participated in it with great conviction.