Hakan Ateş / DenizBank - CEO

At DenizBank, we believe that the value we add to people’s lives reflects on the community and creates sustainable social impact for our country. With this belief, we wholeheartedly support all initiatives that take it upon themselves to work for Turkey's future. The First Chance Program is a very valued initiative in that it raises awareness on a serious issue like unemployment of educated youth in Turkey and offers a permanent solution model. Giving young people a chance to gain their first work experience after graduating from university in NGOswhich create value for the community is really important in terms of enabling them to gain awareness through close contact with the realities of our country and helping their career development. I believe that the investment made in the young human resource with the First Chance Program and the multiplier effect created in NGOs will certainly pave the way to countless qualified jobs to fill the gaps in Turkey’s needs map. I see young people and civil society organizations as two key players of progress and democratic and social development, and we are proud to support this project, which plays a valuable role in empowering them.