Emre Kurttepeli / Mynet - Chairman

As a country, we need a highly qualified workforce. The number of programs to eliminate opportunity inequalities that the young university graduates face in their transition to professional life is few in Turkey. This is why I find the First Chance Program very valuable for our country and young people as it prepares them as well-equipped candidates for professional life. In the First Chance Program, young graduates get ready to make a difference in the business world with the help of English language education, online Microsoft Office trainings and various seminars.  They are also supported by mentors from Turkey’s leading companies, and they expand their horizons during talks with community leaders. This program equips our young people with the skills they need and helps them build self-confidence. As a company operating in the technology sector, we see our human resource as our most important asset. In line with our human resources policy, we support young people as they prepare to start their professional careers and offer them opportunities. We see First Chance as a program that contributes to our shared future and we are happy to be a part of it.