Ayşecan Özyeğin Oktay / FIBA Group - Vice Chair

I see the First Chance Program as a successful initiative that aims to serve as a melting pot for solving youth unemployment and meeting the human resource needs in civil society. A thoughtfully designed, functional personal development training and on-the-job learning approach makes this program a benchmark for the careers of young people. To me, seeing that a candidate’s résumé shows them as First Chance Program participant means that I will get to meet a young professional who has a good sense of personal interests and capabilities, is sensitive to social issues and ready to take on new responsibilities in different platforms. At FIBA Group, we invest in training programs and employment through our group companies, foundations and Özyeğin University, and give priority to offering equal opportunities to future generations. We are proud to see the support we extend contributes to the development of a generation that develops quickly and is highly motivated to produce and equipped with important skills even at the beginning of their professional careers.